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Keeping trails clear during lockdown

A few days ago, we saw a report on a local community Facebook group, that one of the communities favoured walks (Actually a bridleway) between Barlborough and the Clowne Branch Line had been blocked by a fallen tree.

Within a few hours, one of the Ride Bolsover "ninjas" had equipped a rucksack with a cordless recip saw (far safer than a chainsaw), and a Fiskars brush hook (ideal for stripping down cut branches) and had planned his daily exercise as a walk early one morning, that happened to use the blocked path

So (observing sensible precautions around CV-19), within an hour of finding the fallen tree, it had been cut back and stripped down to make the path accessible again...

and created a nice tidy habitat pile off to the side of the trail....

....Helping keep people sane, during this lockdown.

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