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Covid 19 drives demand for walk leaflets

As the government finally wakes up to the long term benefits of promoting more walking and cycling, and we see many more families relieving the lock down frustration with longer walks in our countryside (and out on bikes dragged from the back of the garage), its perhaps time to accelerate our plans to get each area its own set of published walk leaflets.

For now though, residents of Barlborough asked about the old walk leaflets that were produced there, and went out of print some time ago. It just happens that Ride Bolsover hunted these down some months ago, and we have digital copies of (as we had plans to resurrect them at some stage in the future after some groundtruthing)

For now, we have posted links below for the five walk leaflets for anyone interested (pdf files) .

We are in contact with the original Graphic designer and will see if we can get some community funding to do some rush reprints

1st Walk -Fox & Magpie
Download PDF • 16.43MB
2nd walk - Millennium Walk
Download PDF • 4.51MB
3rd Walk - Chaffinch Trail
Download PDF • 3.87MB
4th walk - Miners Way
Download PDF • 6.03MB
5th Walk - Parkland Ramble
Download PDF • 3.52MB

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