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Lets do the Timewarp...

Some more exciting news to share...

We've wanted for some time, to improve the tools we have to communicate the existence of many of our local trails to a wider audience, because we know that people don't always know whats on their doorstep and how great some of the local greenway is.

We've tried using boring old static photos, we've tried stitching these into a slightly more engaging slideshow and we've tried the occasional long winded video on Youtube.. but neither cuts the mustard and gives satisfactory results...

Well now we think we've found it, after spotting that the latest model of the GoPro action camera includes some fancy new features called "image stabilisation" and allows the creation of "timewarp" movies

I could take an age describing what these mean, but its far quicker to share a video of what is possible, and then to share the great news that thanks to a successful Derbyshire County Council Action Grants funding bid, we've managed to get the funds to purchase one as soon as we can.

We hope to start filming the trails in the spring and uploading them to our website soon after

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