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Big Yella is coming back

We've had "Big Yella" a few years now, he wasn't new when we bought him and we originally put him to task on The Clowne Branch Line before we had "Bruce" and when things were heavily overgrown, and unfortunatly we pushed him too hard and we broke him... his cutter deck cracked and was corroded beyond the ability to effectively repair... so hes sat unused for over a year.

That's a shame, because its a brilliant tool for clearing the sides of many of the more developed paths and tracks in the area, helping keep them free from overgrowth..

Now, thanks to the Generosity of our local County Councillor, Anne Western, and with funds she has donated from her Members Community Leadership scheme, we can afford to purchase a new deck for "Big Yella" and get him out and about this coming spring.. brilliant news, and many, many thanks to Cllr Western who has long been in support of our groups activities

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