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Cordless is King

New years day... and a little bit of a hangover, but regardless we were keen to take advantage of our new toy, a twin 18v cordless brushcutter bought through a contribution from the Barlborough Community Windfarm grant-fund.

We had a little play, just before Xmas but fitted it with a string head, and found it a bit disappointing, but this time we fitted the steel cutting blade and hit a section of trail that was overgrown at the sides with brambles and small saplings.

This time the tool performed brilliantly.. the blade effortlessly cut through most of the overgrowth and could even handle 1" diameter saplings with a bit more care... we even got around 45 minutes of work from the 18v Batteries...more than enough for us to work with, especially if we carry spare batteries with us. much easier than messing around carrying a petrol can.

A quick chop up with the (cordless again) hedge trimmer, and there's very little left of the overgrowth that wont quickly rake up into piles, or break down

(stock video below)

The best bits though were how lightweight the unit is, and how quiet it is in operation, with no fumes or smoke... OK, its not a tool for clearing massive lengths of trail in one hit, but that's not how we work

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