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The problem.....

This sums up the problem that we see perfectly... and why we have established this group to try and change things

Bolsover District Council today circulated the latest edition of their "InTouch" magazine for residents.

Within the magazine is a section called Discover Bolsover, and an inset on page 15 proudly proclaims that you can "get n your bike and explore the area using the many trails and bridleways which connect Bolsover to the surrounding towns and villages"

see for yourself here

Sounds great doesn't it?

It would be wonderful, except that it isn't true.

Bolsover is connected to just one place by a Bridleway/Trail and that's using the existing Stockley Trail, which connects to Glapwell and then hits a dead end !

Our council is sadly mistaken in this belief, and we wonder how far this perpetuates through many of our councillors and officers

We are campaigning to improve this situation and extend the Stockley to Poolsbrook to the north, and Hardwick to the south, but the biggest barrier is Bolsover District Councils own planners, who allow developments to progress without securing the potential of such connections

We battle on, but YOU need to shout about the need for these links to your councillors, Parish, District and County...especially at election time

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