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Yesterday, we stood in front of Bolsover District Councils planning committee, and attempted (in the two minutes we were allowed) to convince them of the merits of our argument in trying to get the Coalite Developer to create an underpass beneath the remodeled Buttermilk Lane bridge, instead of ramps.

We were followed by the developer, who regurgitated the same tired old story about drainage and costs, both elements that are built upon disinformation rather than fact.

To our disappointment, the hidden agendas overruled common sense and the planners approved Bolsover Lands application.

We have to now take some cognisance that at the very least ramps to enable the greenway to cross Buttermilk Lane have been included in the plans, although we remain convinced the developer will do everything possible to avoid putting these ramps in, and the planning departments have poor records of enforcing similar conditions.

If we ever do get this greenway established, i hope the young kids, horse riders and older people faced with having to cross Buttermilk Lane can research the names of the planners and developer who were faced with a better way, and chose the easiest option...For their sake, I hope there is never an accident at this crossing prompting this research..

Sad times... but we fight on

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