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5 Ways to Wellbeing

Ride Bolsover are pleased to have been welcomed as a partner , spreading the word about the benefits of the 5 Ways to Well Being Scheme promoted by Derbyshire County Councils Public Health service :-

The five ways to wellbeing project aims to get people more active and healthy through five main aims, and our groups objectives fit nicely with these aims


Our projects main aim is creating connections to the places where we live and the places we love

Be Active

Walking , running or cycling - our trails enable active, healthy lifestyles and we will

continue to help people improve their physical health and mental well being using these trails to get active

Take Notice

You cant fail to spot something interesting on your journey. Whether its part of the natural environment, part of our rich heritage, or one of the areas amazing destinations

Keep Learning

We encourage the signposting of people to groups that promote the end use of our trails, to try out new experiences and to meet new people. Ride Bolsover will help promote activities that keep people learning about the trails that surround them


We are volunteer run, and depend on the hands on involvement of a network of good souls to create and help maintain the trails that are around us

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