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Connecting Barlborough to the Clowne Branch Line

As Derbyshire County Council begin the development of the Clowne branch Line Greenway, we've been exploring how we can connect some of the adjoining communities to the link

The 7.5km long Clowne Branch Line passes within a mile of the southern tip of Barlborough village and w'eve been researching if we can create an easy link up to the new greenway for people living in Barlborough to enjoy, and to offer cycleable links to Creswell rail station to the east, and Chesterfield and Sheffield to the west - perfect for commuters who want an alternative to using the car

We've found an ideal route that follows existing Public Rights of Way, and begins at a proposed pelican crossing point over Oxcroft Way, and joins up with a future ramp connection to the greenway off Hoodcroft Lane. This one mile long link needs some surfacing improvements, and some change to the legal status but its within our grasp and we will be presenting our plans to Barlborough Parish Council in the coming weeks to hopefully get their support.

We've also asked the local county councilor to chase down improving the proposed crossing from Pelican, to a Toucan crossing, so that its easier for cyclist to use ( example pictured)

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