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HS2 - Community "Consultation"

We've just come back from a very frustrating few hours at Bolsovers most recent community "Consultation" event (the parenthesis are an important touch in that statement) where we wanted to see the mitigation HS2 were planning to include for some of our proposed routes

Despite the fact that Derbyshire County Council are progressing with a £1.4m scheme to develop the Clowne Branch Line between Creswell and Poolsbrook, HS2's latest plans show the main line and the service line running roughshod over the direct route without any mitigation at all, no underpasses, no bridges, no alternative routes...This is completely unacceptable

Despite the Coalite Site developer agreeing to install ramps at the Buttermilk Lane crossing to continue the Stockley Trail Extension through the site, HS2 are showing plans to build over the top of the line, without making any provision to install an underpass to protect it...Another fight we must mobilise

We will be gathering as many people as possible to respond to the consultation, individuals, groups, National bodies and user groups... if you want to help, please subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you updated on how you can respond.

Whatever your personal thoughts on HS2, its constrcution CANNOT be allowed to sever the links between our communites that bring so many positive outcomes to local people

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