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Ride Bolsover is formally constituted group of campaigners and volunteers, which has existed informally for many years as a group of like minded individuals collected together originally through association with Bolsover & District Cycling Club. 

The group is spearheading a campaign for the ongoing improvement of safe, offroad walking and cycling routes and Greenways connecting places surrounding Bolsover and to combine together the often disparate voices of other of users, including walkers, cyclists, horse riders and those using greenways for active travel. While DCC are undertaking excellent work in this area, their reach and resources are limited, and unlike Ride Bolsover, officers are unable to campaign or lobby for prioritisation of improvements within individual communities

On an informal basis previously, the group has been a successful local voice for interested parties in accelerating the adaptation of the 7.5km long Clowne Branch Line as a future greenway, with members of our group committing hundreds of hours per year in practical volunteering on the trail together with raising the profile of its existence locally.

The development of the Clowne Branch Line Greenway has been taken up by DCC and the project is planned for completion Q3 2019, and we cant wait to enjoy the benefits it will bring


We have more recently been heavily involved in fighting to preserve the route of a potential extension to the Stockley Trail in Bolsover from being severed by the Coalite development.


While this local area is fortunate and unique in the diversity of greenway routes locally, the network is still disjointed and discontinuous and our key aim is to change this for the betterment of communities connected by the Greenways and the people living within them, travelling through them and visiting the areas.


A fully connected greenway network unlocks a larger tourist economy, helps communities get active and improve their physical and mental health and gives a safe network for active travel segregated from motor vehicles. The benefits are widespread and long term

We are part of a bigger movement

We originate from a group of cyclists, and quite possibly because of the distances we normally cover, and the challenges we face on public roads, the need for a connected greenway network and more cycle trails was brought into sharp focus...but we have a louder voice if we collaborate with other users, and through connecting with walking, running, Nordic walking, and horse riding groups we can add many more greenway users to our mission, share the benefits and promote considerate sharing of the routes by all

We are affiliated as a local Cycling UK campaign group, and are members of TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) which gives us insurance cover when we go out and get our hands dirty creating new trails or maintaining existing ones.

Much of our campaigning and lobbying crosses over with, and connects to the great work done by Chesterfield Cycle Campaign, and we collaborate with them closely to share information and align our goals towards the opportunities for east/west connectivity between Chesterfield and the Bolsover District

Give us your support..

We don't have massive running costs, nor expensive consultants working for us but we do have to find a few hundred pounds a year in running costs just to tick over.

We need to insure the group, the website hosting costs a few quid and researching potential new routes means we have to buy Land Registry reports fairly regularly at around £7 a pop.

You can help by buying us a virtual "coffee", and donating the cost of a cup of coffee (or several) through ko.fi, a fundraising app for groups such as ours

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