Tube Map

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Ride Bolsover Tube Map_edited.jpg

Not everyone can read a map, and we know in reality that most people want to know just how to easily get from A to B as simply as possible .... so our aspirational route map has been drawn as an easy to follow "tube map".

We've not just started with a map of what is there already, instead we've looked at the main places want to get to and from and we always start with looking at the straight line between those places, and working backwards from that ideal. 

We noticed pretty quickly, that while there are a few links already in place, there are very few "loops" available from connected links, and thats one of the biggest problems with the current network

Our main focus is to turn as many of the links in our tube map GREEN as soon as we can

if you click the picture above, you can open and explore a larger pdf version of the map

"Green" Links

The links coloured green on our tube map, reflect the existing network, where trails are well developed, maintained and usually signed. most of these links are operated by Derbyshire County Council and are usually quite well know already, with attractions and destinations along the route

"Amber" Links

Amber coloured links on our tube map are routes that exist on the ground, but are undeveloped. Some of them are regularly used by the more hardy explorers but on an unofficial basis. Often access is tolerated, but not formally promoted and endorsed - They are posted here for information only and not a guarantee that they are suitable for all users to take advantage of.

These routes offer us the quicker wins, and we are campaigning for the development to take place sooner rather than later, so we can "colour them green" and get them adopted as official routes.