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Creating Connections in and around Bolsover

Surrounding Bolsover are a network of paths and disused railways left over from our long gone industrial Heritage. Some of these have already been converted to greenways or cycleroutes , but many more haven't and we want to change that as quickly as possible.

The existing greenway/trail network we have is disjointed and discontinuous and our key aim is to change this for the betterment of all communities connected by them and the people living near them, travelling through them and visiting the destinations along them.

A fully connected network unlocks a larger tourist economy, helps communities get active and enhances their physical and mental health . They provide a safe network for recreational or active travel in safety, segregated from motor vehicles.

Our group aims to collect together the disparate voices of other of users of these trails, including walkers, cyclists, horse riders and those using greenways for active travel, to make change happen sooner through a combination of campaigns, lobbying and hands on volunteering


The Tubemap

Our "tubemap" is at the centre of our aims and objectives in creating connections. The links shown are the surrounding settlements and destinations that we see needing priority connections.

Routes are colour coded depending on their current status & condition

Green routes are usable now, are well surfaced and usually well signed 

Amber routes can be used now by the adventurous but need developing to meet the ideal standard suitable for safe use by a 12 year old (the litmus test for route quality).

Red Routes physically exist, but cannot yet be safely used 
Grey routes don't yet exist, but they mark a line of desire where we want a route creating in the future 

Our goal is to convert all these connections to a green line as quickly as possible, for the benefit of the current generation

Who uses Greenways & cycleroutes?

Greenways and purpose designed cycleroutes offer a connection between towns, and to the countryside, safe from motor traffic.

This is especially important for young people, and those less confident in fast moving traffic

They are ideal green spaces to enjoy for relaxation, recreation and to connect communities together

Walking & Running

One Step at a Time

The most basic and accessible way for the human being to get around. Every link that we aim to create is an ideal route for walking or running.

If its just to enjoy the surroundings, to exercise the dog, to find space to build fitness or simply to get from A to B - both greenways and cycle routes are perfect shared spaces to enjoy on foot


Two wheels good

Cycling is our reason for being and we believe cycling is the greatest enabler for travel and recreation and the most efficient way for people to move around.

Every connection we seek will be designed with cycles in mind, and to allow people to get around safely and quickly away from the threat of fast moving traffic

Horse Riding

Exploring up high

Wherever possible, we will strive to make these connections usable by Horse riders and we will aim to promote educational messages about sharing routes to help make them as safe a space as we can


Not all urban routes proposed will be suitable for horses, but the longer distance trails and greenways will be perfect 

Why do we want more Shared trails ?

Greenways and cycleroutes offer a direct connection to our beautiful countryside

They connect together some of the most attractive destinations in the local area

Most importantly they are spaces where people can be free of motor traffic but offer many more reasons for their existence than just for recreation. The advantages are numerous, sustainable, long term and offer an excellent investment for the future

Rest & Relaxation

Greenways in particular offer an ideal escape for people from the continuous hustle and bustle within cities and towns and the traffic and noise within them.

In addition to the physical health benefits,  the peace and tranquility of these spaces enhances mental health and encourages interactions with friends and strangers alike

Health & Fitness

Each link in our network is a free to use, outdoor gym for those looking to improve their physical health

The spaces are ideal for brisk walking, running or cycling and regular exercise can enhance and transform lives

This is especially relevant for many communities surrounding Bolsover, where health measures give cause for concern

Active Travel

The direct connections we propose offer near straight line links, free from traffic, to large towns and employment destinations surrounding our area.

Good quality cycle routes, safe from traffic, enable active travel on a pedal bike or an e-bike especially for those without a car (more than a quarter of households in some areas)

Air pollution and congestion is significantly reduced 


The economic benefits of tourism supported by a wide network of greenways that connect together and connect to the destinations, places to stay and supporting business is enormous, making connected towns busier, more vibrant spaces

Cycle tourism in particular is growing year on year, and this area has a unique opportunity that can be realised by a fully connected trail network

Natures Green Corridor

Greenways in particular don't just enable people to get around easier, they create green corridors along which nature can move and expand throughout the surrounding countryside.


Plentiful birds, insects and small mammals use the trails to get around. Deer are regularly seen along these old railway lines and the green spaces connected by the trails can flourish   

Economy & Business

People have increasingly more money to spend on free time and recreation and visitor attractions and cafes along the route of these connections see an immediate positive benefit


A growing overnight economy brings new accommodation income from cycle tourism  

Connected employers benefit from healthier staff who commute. With reduced absence and better overall well-being and productivity

The amount of evidenced benefits and strategies supporting our case is significant and overwhelming

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Ride Bolsover has been supported by Derbyshire County Councils 5 ways to Wellbeing programme 


Our projects main aim is creating connections to the places where we live and the places we love

Be Active

Walking , running or cycling - our trails enable active, healthy lifestyles

Take Notice

You cant fail to spot something interesting on your journey.

Part of the natural environment, part of our heritage, or one of the areas amazing destinations

Keep Learning

We encourage the signposting of people to groups that promote the end use of our trails, to try out new experiences

and to meet new people


We are volunteer run, and depend on the hands on involvement of a network of good souls to create and help maintain the trails that surround us